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Missing Imputation in python 0

Missing Imputation in python

Imputation: In statistics, imputation is the process of replacing missing data with substituted values. When substituting for a data point, it is known as “unit imputation”; when substituting...

Spark SQL Using Parquet 0

Spark SQL Using Parquet

Today, I’m focusing on how to use parquet format in spark.  Please get the more insight about parquet format If you are new to this format. Parquet: Apache Parquet is a...

Spark SQL Using Hive 0

Spark SQL Using Hive

In this blog I’m going to describe how to integrate hive with spark. You may find this code on spark’s official github page. My effort is to describe...


Convert Image to Base64 string in iOS




iOS7 > Objectice-C version You can use NSData’s base64EncodedStringWithOptions Now encode as:

Decode as:


Network Streaming in Spark

Network streaming in spark is another interesting topic, here I am going to explain how network streaming works  and will provide complete spark scala code. Before jumping to the code, I...